The house block is home to a mature grove of 300 or so Frantoio and Kalamata trees, planted circa 2000. They were pretty well left to their own devices for the next fifteen years, so they are rather wild and wonderful, but we have been knocking them back into shape since purchasing the property in 2015.

Our approach to making oil is much the same as wine – start with great quality fruit, and try to intervene as little as possible. The grove is completely dry grown, which suits our minimalist approach – a splash of seaweed extract at flowering, and beyond that the chooks are given free reign to free range. We generally pick two to three times through harvest to capture the spectrum of flavours from lean, green and grassy, to full and flavoursome, and all fruit is processed immediately (within 12 hours) to retain aromatics and freshness.

The result is a full flavoured, unfined, unfiltered  Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Available to purchase via our online store (larger volumes available – please contact us direct).